Notary Public Lancaster News – Selling Property in Spain

I am frequently asked to notarise powers of attorney in relation to the sale and purchase of property in Spain.  Before I meet you it is useful to check with the lawyer in Spain whether an apostille is required and also whether notarised copies of your passport are required to be attached to the power of attorney document – or notarised separately.  It is also of help if the power of attorney can be forwarded to me by email in advance of our meeting so that I can ensure that all of the details that have been incorporated by the Spanish lawyers are correct.

Notary Public Kendal and South Lakes

From the office of Oglethorpe Sturton and Gilibrand Solicitors in Kirkby Lonsdale I am able to meet clients from the Kendal and the South Lakes area.  I can also meet clients at their office or home should this be preferred.

Notary Public Lancaster and Harrogate News – Setting up in Business Abroad

When setting up an office or business abroad, the country in which you propose to do business may require several documents to be attended to by a notary public. In the Lancaster and Harrogate areas I have helped numerous clients setting up businesses abroad and dealing with the requirements of foreign jurisdictions.

You may be asked to provide the following documents:

- Documents lodged with companies house certified by a notary public – I have direct access to Companies House and can arrange for official copies of all documents lodged at Companies House to be downloaded and certified by me

- Copies of Director’s passports certified by a notary public

- A power of attorney executed by a Director before a notary public

- A company resolution executed before a notary public

- Foreign company documents executed before a notary public

I have experience in dealing with all of the above aspects. If you are in the process of setting up a business abroad and think you might need the help of a notary public in the Lancaster and harrogate areas, please get in touch.

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Notary Public Lancaster and Harrogate News – Medical Certificates for use in Australia

As a Notary Public I often assist doctors and nurses throughout the Lancaster and Harrogate areas with the forms required by the Australian medical authorities.

Documents that may be certifying by a notary public may include: -


•Statutory declaration

•Nursing licence

•AMC form

•GMC certificate

•Medical degree certificates

The Notary Public will need to see all the original documents and photocopies of each. A number of copies of each document may be required.

The notary public will usually require proof from a university that degree certificates were genuinely awarded. I am able to telephone the GMC and get instant confirmation of registration from them.

A document to be certified for use in Australia usually requires the Notary Public to confirm that the document is certified as a true copy of the original as seen/sighted by the Notary.

Other documents may require a statement by the Notary Public that the applicant has appeared before the Notary, has been identified by the Notary, and has signed the document in the presence of the Notary.

If you are a doctor or nurse working in the Lancaster or Harrogate areas and require help preparing your documents for Australia, please do give me a ring or send me an email.

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Notary Public Lancaster and Harrogate News – Tips for Students

I often get asked to notarise degree certificates for use abroad. What is really useful is if the student can first contact the University that granted the degree and ask the appropriate department, for example, at Lancaster University this is Registrar’s Office, to confirm to me by email that the degree described in the certificate has been issued to the student named in the certificate. A lot of Universities will not deal directly with me due to Data Protection issues. What I can then do, once I have received confirmation from the University, is check the student’s ID documents and proceed to notarise the certificate and deal with the legalisation requirements.

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Notary Public Lancaster News – What is an Apostille and What does Legalisation mean?

Many clients telephone me saying, ‘I need to get a document ‘apostled’, ‘apostlised’ or ‘stamped at the Foreign Office”. What is actually required is that following notarisation, further formalities are required to be satisfied before the document will be accepted in the country in which it is to be used.

Many countries around the world require the identity and authority of the Notary Public to be certified by the State. In the United Kingdom the Foreign and Commonwealth Office issues a signed and sealed Apostille for this purpose. Countries that apply this convention are members of the Hague convention. The Apostille is a certificate that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office attach to the document following the document having been dealt with by the notary public.

Other countries require an additional level of verification in that they demand consularisation and the document, with Apostille, must go the the consulate of the receiving country so that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s signatures and seals are verified. This process is commonly known as legalisation.

Legalisation can add complications to the process as all consulates have different procedures and costs. It is a good idea to ask the recipient authority where the documents are to be used what their exact requirements are. As a notary public acting on behalf of clients in the Lancaster and Harrogate areas, I have broad experience in dealing with embassies and consulates of various countries so it is likely I will be able to provide the service of legalising documents for you.

Notary Public Lancaster and Harrogate News – Helping Clients Working Abroad

It is fascinating where people from the Lancaster and Harrogate areas end up working. Over the last few months I have notarised documents for clients taking jobs all over the world. I have helped doctors and nurses complete their application procedures to work in Australia, Canada and Saudi Arabia. I have notarised qualifications for teachers going to work in South Korea. I have notarised documents for engineers working in Russia and Kuwait and for accountants working in the Cayman Islands.

Please do speak to me or send me an email if you need help with your documents in relation to your employment in jurisdictions throughout the world.